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Endurance Event Photography

The current market trend is leaning heavily towards hiring photographers at a base rate for events and supplying the participants with full access to high resolution photos as part of their registration fees. This is a stark contrast to the old way of trying to sell individual photos and I believe a much, much better way to provide a full package to your athletes. With proper advertising prior to the event letting everyone know they will have these photos at no extra charge, these fees paid to photographers will likely pay for themselves and then some with the extra registrations and happier participants. The impact from the participants having easier access to sharing their photos on social media and other platforms will also help promote future events and lead to even more registrations.

My main focus has always been endurance event photography including 5k+ runs, marathons, triathlons, biking, or other types of similar events.  For these events I will supply a large number of photos before, during, and after the event. If there's an after party I'll be there for that too! I prefer to work on a base fee and supply full galleries with no individual photo sales or stipulations. My pricing structure can be found on my pricing page. Events that are covered with no fee will still have their photos listed for sale, but this is not a method I prefer to use any more.

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Bib and Name Matching to Photos

If participants have bibs visible for the photos, I will run each image through a scanning program that I developed personally for use on this site. If the event director supplies a participant list with names matched to those bibs, I can add their names to the image metadata as well. This allows a user to easily search a gallery for their photos without having to scroll through thousands of photos! This service is supplied at no extra cost.

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Multiple Photographers

If your event is large enough to need multiple cameras on site, I can handle the logistics of hiring and managing the photo team. This turnkey solution allows you to focus on other aspects of your event without having to worry about the photography. I strongly suggest having at least two photographers at any endurance event and three or more if you have more than 500 participants. This allows for different locations along the course to be covered and a much more diverse product to be delivered.

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Custom Watermarks

If your event needs a watermark to show off their sponsors or just a simple logo depicting the name of the event, this can be easily added to every photo. Portrait and landscape photos will have their own watermark so everything fits right into place. These can be added at no extra cost as long as the event directors supply the assets and approvals a few days before the event.

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Multiple Site Uploading

Your photos can also be added to other sites at no extra charge. This can include Facebook, RunSignUp, GeoSnapShot (if you're wanting to sell your photos after the event), your personal website, or other types of social media.  Photos uploaded to the RunSignUp or GeoSnapShot platform will have bib numbers automatically read and tagged for searching.

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Quick Delivery

Most events will have their photos delivered online within 24 hours after the event. Often they will be done the same day, but afternoon and very large events take a little bit longer to process. I will keep all parties informed on the timeline of their photo delivery as soon as the event has ended.

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Other Types of Events

If you're hosting an event that isn't endurance related, I can still help you out with your photography needs! This can be anything from school sports (with approval from school personnel) to a car show or anything in between. Feel free to contact me for any questions you may have and to set up a custom quote for your event.

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