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The Nate the Great 8 Race came about in response to a desire to keep the legacy of Nathaniel (Nate the Great) Hall moving forward.Nate was a fiercely independent, kind, compassionate, and mature young man with a heart full of love for all living things. He passed away May 1, 2019, but he lived his 16 years well, and his family and friends loved him endlessly.

Nate truly believed in healthy living, and as a committed vegan he always searched for ways to support animal causes in our community. For this reason, Yukon’s Pets and People is our beneficiary for this year's Nate the Great 8 Race. Participants can participate in an 8 mile or 8K competitive and officially timed race, or enjoy the 8 minute fun run. Runners who need more of a challenge can compete in THE DOUBLE! Runners and walkers can participate in BOTH the 8K and 8 Mile races!! Doublers' 8 Mile race will start at 9:15 or whenever they cross the start line for the second time time, if they finish the 8K after 9:15.

All photos are free to view and download!

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