Photo by Dr. Chris Barnes

Photo by Dr. Chris Barnes

About Me

  My name is Brad and I've been tinkering with photography for a couple of decades. Most of my career has been photographing cars for dealerships and local car shows. 

  A couple of years ago a friend of mine named Jamie asked me to come out and help do some pictures at a 5k run. I was pretty nervous as this was an entirely new type of work but I really enjoyed it. Since then I've tried to focus my work on running events and have done quite a few while working for the timing companies as well as covering them just for fun.

  Beginning in mid-2021, I decided to start up Okie Pics Event Photography and focus on different types of events. I like covering lots of fun things, but I'm still mostly drawn to doing running and other endurance competitions so that will always be my main focus.

  Moving forward I am hoping to continue to improve my photography and hopefully bring other people happiness from the pictures I take of them doing activities they love to do! My current personal task is to learn how to tell a story from my photos instead of simply clicking the camera and hoping for the best. This will be a long journey of practice, study, and experience to reach this goal.   

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